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Download the silent patient novel in English in the form pdf


Download the silent patient 

novel in  English in the form pdf 

   The publisher's description: “A wonderful novel that made my blood run dry - I couldn't stop reading it nor in any way. I told myself that I would surrender to it; after eleven hours - it is five and 47 minutes in the morning - I finished it while I was very impressed.”  a.  C.  Finn is an unstoppable, chilling, powerful novel, with a twist that makes even the most experienced reader of suspense fiction sweat out.


  Bucklist Magazine “I'll read one more part, only one, and then I'll stop. When you start reading“ The Silent Patient, ”this is what you will tell yourself, before you give up and read the whole novel until you reach the very shocking and intelligent conclusion - no matter how good you are a detective, you are  You will not expect such an end. ”  Emily Koch \ "Michaelides created a charming psychological novel, so innovative and unique that it establishes a genre of its own. I read it in two nights and enjoyed every beautiful word, every fierce confrontation, and every sudden transformation. The pages will be burned by the friction of your fingers, which you turn them to the end \".

  David Baldchi Emily Coe \ "Alex Michaelides wrote one of the best psychological novels I have read. \" 

  The Silent Patient \ "is a novel whose ending can be considered one of the most shocking and exciting endings in recent memory.

  Blake Crouch's Description of Jamalon: A great novel that will provoke your feelings !!  You will not be able to stop reading it, nor in any way, related to the traumatic crime of a painter who killed her husband, written from the perspective of a psychotherapist.  the years?  What secrets does the tablet contain, which you drew in meticulous detail?

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