How to learn programming from start to professional

  How to learn programming from start to professional

 What is programming

 Programming does not differ from the rest of the fields in terms of learning and acquisition, and it also remains a goal that does not touch the ceiling of both a bear and a bear. In our topic for today, I will review you, dear reader, the most important methods, steps and steps that make me learn some skills, especially programming languages in a standard circumstance. Even better, I will direct each person who wants to start in the field of programming and does not know how to start, and I would like to make it clear that the second part suffers from it, especially many who are coming and love those in this field.


How to learn programming ?

For beginners in the field of programming: you must know that programming has a goal, you are not programming in order to know what programming is, it is natural that you know it before you enter programming in the first place! Therefore, before you enter the field of programming, you have to keep in mind your goals. You are about to learn programming, but what will happen next? What will I do with what I have acquired? These answers you have to answer first before you put your fingertips into programming, I may cheat a little and tell you that you can create your own project on the web, or you can work as a Freelancer programmer on Freelance sites and others, but first and foremost you will determine. For those who are practicing in the field of programming: Of course, since you are practicing programming in advance, you will not need the same goal as the beginner, you are first and foremost not about to learn programming, but you are about to learn one of the programming languages, you also have to set a goal as well, the language that you are on And about to learn it is considered a weapon in your hands, and this weapon will not be filled with ammunition until after you learn that language, what will you do with that weapon - the programming language -? The language that you choose to learn will determine a set of options for you, and the good choice will remain a party submitted by you. The best choice of goal is after learning that language.

How do I start ?

For beginners in the field of programming: Mostly my friend after you have decided the goal you are seeking, you will now have to think of a way to start, or rather a good programming language for the start, and here is lost for every beginner in programming, many of them face difficulty at this stage, should I start with Php ? Or the Java? What about the Python? I think C # would be a good choice ... etc of mental questions and voices, but as a advice to you my friend, you must first understand the basic principles of programming, how to write a line of code, how to deal with conditions and loops and the command of printing and registration in principle, then Then you have to deal with a little deeper things, such as understanding the nature of the class, the object and the objects, in short you have to realize object-oriented programming, and for me, I prefer anyone interested in the field of programming to be aware of the C language first, because it is the native language and although it is difficult compared to Its fines, like Python, in terms of coding, are a good option for familiarizing yourself with the programming lines Then, he moved to another object-oriented language for understanding and knowing the objects and others. In this case, you are completely free to choose either the Python or the C # or the Php etc. ... for those practicing in the field of programming: of course you will not face these problems, the basics Programming is rooted in your mind beforehand, but the beginning, as I told you in the introduction, is always difficult, and your start in learning a new programming language lies in obtaining a good source of lessons and benefit, so, once you make your decision for the sake of starting, start looking for lessons and Distinctive and clear courses and courses explaining the language that you have taken on learning


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